KMS Quantum 130/15 Brushless Motor

KMS Quantum 130/15 Brushless Motor

Overview :

High Performance Brushless Motor without the High Performance Price

KMS motors and speed controllers are designed for great performance in all of your modelling applications. The KMS engineers designed superb performance without the high price tag. With a full line of products and specifications, KMS has the perfect option to suit your need.

Quality, performance and value-for-money are all combined to provide electric motors that cover the smallest indoor models right up to sizes that are usually the domain of 50cc petrol engines. There are specialist helicopter motors, those suited to gearboxes and EDF and motors that offer a direct replacement power output for all the popular glow engine sizes.  

Physical & Electrical Specifications :

Motor Type Brushless Inrunner RPM per Volt NA
Weight 65g KV RPM 3980
Can Length 40mm No Load Current NA
Shaft Length NA Max Efficiency Current NA
Can Diameter 20mm Max. Surge Current 15A
Shaft Diameter 2.3mm Max. Continuous Current 10A
Ni-Cd / Ni-MH Cells 4-10 Max. Efficiency NA
Li-Po Cells 2-3 Max. Constant Watts NA
Recommended Propeller Range 5.3:1(10 x 8), 4.7 x 4.2, 4.75 x 4.75, Helis Resistance 62mOhm
Recommended Model Weight


Pole 2
Bearings 2 Input Voltage NA
Turns 15T ESC Timing Degrees 5 - 10 (low)




We Accept
1 x Hatch Magnets 6 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x Molex (Male) 1.25 to Female JR (Female) Servo Extension
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 60mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 300mm
1 x Extension Lead JST-SH1.0 120mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (light) 150mm
1 x Molex (Female) 1.25 to JR (Male) Servo Extension
1 x JST-SH 2Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Croc Clips - Large /w 4mm socket (1pr)
1 x Servo Y-Lead (HD) 300mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 2.5mm
1 x Lead - JST / BEC leads
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 1000mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 4mm
1 x Lead Lock (Transparent - Pk5)
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 120mm
1 x Molex (Male) 1.25 to Female JST-SH 1.0mm - 30mm
1 x AMP style Plug (Female) lead
1 x Croc Clips - Mini (1pr)
1 x Lead - SM 2 Pin Leads
1 x JST-SH 3Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Brushless Motor Extension Lead, 3.5M, 100mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 600mm
1 x Lead - SM 3 Pin Leads
1 x Extension Lead M to M 3cm
1 x Micro Servo Connector Lead (Female Plug)
1 x Hatch Magnets 3 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x JST-SH 4Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 500mm
1 x Brushless Motor Extension Lead, 2M, 100mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 200mm
1 x Hatch Magnets 8 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x Extension Lead M to M 10cm
1 x Glow Clip w/Check Light
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 900mm
1 x Servo Splitter lead : 1F to 5M
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 200mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 3mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 100mm
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