Orbit ARTF

Orbit ARTF

Overview :

A charismatic, '30s' styled cabin model for relaxed Sunday flying.

Tha elliptical wing has a charm that was made unforgettable by the famous Spitfire. It's a shape that envokes a bygone era, in fact, the whole design of the Orbit is designed to do that. The choice of a cream background to the colour scheme and the dramatic colours suggest the 'art deco' period as well.

When it comes to construction, the Orbit is bang up to date. She is a CAD design that has components that are Laser cut, jig assembled and covered in modern Oracover heatshrink film.

Power can be chosen from three sources, a .52 4-Stroke, a .46 2-Stroke or a suitable brushless motor (2826/06 suggested). The facility for all three is catered for in the kit.

Flying the Orbit has no surprises other than good ones. She is docile when required and 'sporty' when you want to be. By utilising a strong aluminium undercarriage, the Orbit is quite happy on bumpy grass strips as much as smooth tarmac. She makes a great all weather model for a range of pilot abilities. 

Features :

  • Requires minimum time to assemble
  • Smooth and absolutely predictable - an ideal ARTF for relaxed Sunday afternoon flying !
  • Jig-built for straightness and constructed of hand-selected woods, for maximum strength with minimum weight
  • Includes painted fibreglass parts and a factory-applied MonoKote trim scheme for looks and ease
  • Complete hardware package includes a spinner, steerable tailwheel and formed aluminium gear, Fuel tank and all connecting rods 
  • Pre-covered / painted fiberglass Cowl and Wheel Pants
  • Landing Gear: pre-formed aluminum
  • Dual Aileron Servos - One goes in each wing half with servo lead pull strings already in place.

Included :

  • Pre-built and covered wings, fuselage and tail assemblies
  • Pushrods, pre-bent aluminum main landing gear, prebent tailwheel wire, main wheels
  • Nylon engine mount (Nitro option) and Battery tray (Electric option)
  • Fuel tank
  • Spinner
  • Wood servo trays and Aluminium Wing joiners
  • Hardware package and photo-illustrated instructions

Required to Run :

  • Nitro : Engine : .46-.52 Two Stroke
  • Electric : Brushless Motor, ESC (60A), Battery (4S 3,200mAh) of your choice
  • R/C System / 4-channel, 5 servo
  • Propeller
  • Starting tools,
  • Nitro Fuel
  • Batteries for R/C system

Physical Specifications :

Length 1,320mm
Width 1,780mm
Height tbc
Weight 2,650g



We Accept
1 x Hatch Magnets 6 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x Molex (Male) 1.25 to Female JR (Female) Servo Extension
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 60mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 300mm
1 x Extension Lead JST-SH1.0 120mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (light) 150mm
1 x Molex (Female) 1.25 to JR (Male) Servo Extension
1 x JST-SH 2Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Croc Clips - Large /w 4mm socket (1pr)
1 x Servo Y-Lead (HD) 300mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 2.5mm
1 x Lead - JST / BEC leads
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 1000mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 4mm
1 x Lead Lock (Transparent - Pk5)
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 120mm
1 x Molex (Male) 1.25 to Female JST-SH 1.0mm - 30mm
1 x AMP style Plug (Female) lead
1 x Croc Clips - Mini (1pr)
1 x Lead - SM 2 Pin Leads
1 x JST-SH 3Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Brushless Motor Extension Lead, 3.5M, 100mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 600mm
1 x Lead - SM 3 Pin Leads
1 x Extension Lead M to M 3cm
1 x Micro Servo Connector Lead (Female Plug)
1 x Hatch Magnets 3 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x JST-SH 4Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 500mm
1 x Brushless Motor Extension Lead, 2M, 100mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 200mm
1 x Hatch Magnets 8 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x Extension Lead M to M 10cm
1 x Glow Clip w/Check Light
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 900mm
1 x Servo Splitter lead : 1F to 5M
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 200mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 3mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 100mm
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