Quattro-X QuadCopter (Mode 2)

Overview :

High Performance Quadcopter, Packed Full of advanced features !

The Twister Quattro-X is a high performance, GPS equipped quadcopter that is capable of carrying a GoPro® or similar sports camera and has many exciting features that make it the perfect introduction to multi-rotor flying.

The Twister Quattro-X is a high performance, GPS equipped quadcopter that is capable of carrying a GoPro® or similar sports camera* and has many exciting features that make it the perfect introduction to multi-rotor flying. However, with one flick of a switch, you’re out of stable mode and now have a performance that will excite the experienced flyer. With any quadcopter, the control software is critical to the model’s performance. Drawing on Twister’s wealth of experience and success in this area, the Quattro-X has unique control software—developed specifically for this quadcopter—to ensure you enjoy the best flying experience. Designed from the outset to be quick and easy into the air, the Quattro-X needs little more than the undercarriage and props fitting before you’re ready to initialise the sophisticated GPS (Global Positioning System) and take to the air. Every model is factory test-flown before you receive it so there’s no guesswork... success is virtually guaranteed! If you’ve never flown before, the Quattro-X has a stable auto-pilot and six axis gyro to ensure that you’re always in control. Many different flight modes are easily selected during operation, such as Altitude Hold, Orientation Mode— where the transmitter stick controls the direction of flight relative to the transmitter, irrespective of the model’s orientation—and a Return to Home function to safely land the Quattro-X. With high intensity LEDs aiding orientation and reporting back information to the pilot, the Quattro-X is a completely new flying experience. A low voltage protection alarm, to warn you that the flight battery needs charging and an automatic emergency Safe Landing feature is also included. If you don’t already own a GoPro®, there’s an optional camera available that shoots 1280 x 720px video at 60fps. You control the camera’s angle using one of the transmitter’s Auxiliary controls and capture your flying footage to the included mini SD card.

Features :

  • Unique control software developed specifically for the Quattro-X
  • Sophisticated GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Altitude Hold, Orientation Mode and Return to Home functions
  • Six Axis Gyro offers incredible stability and control
  • Automatic Safe Landing feature in the event of a flat battery
  • High Intensity LEDs Aid Orientation
  • Every model factory test flown
  • Optional 1280 x 720px video camera available
  • Perfect for use with a GoPro® or similar sports camera - rubber isolated mount included.

Included :

  • Quattro-X GPS Equipped Quadcopter
  • 2.4GHz 6 Channel Transmitter
  • 3S 11.1V 2700mAh Li-Po Battery Pack
  • Li-Po Balance Charger with Mains Adaptor
  • Rubber Isolated GoPro® Mount

Required to Operate :

  • AA Cells for the TX - that's it !


Length (Diagonal) 300 mm
Rotor Diameter 205 mm
Height 200 mm
Weight 704g (without battery)


We Accept
1 x Hatch Magnets 6 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x Molex (Male) 1.25 to Female JR (Female) Servo Extension
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 60mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 300mm
1 x Extension Lead JST-SH1.0 120mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (light) 150mm
1 x Molex (Female) 1.25 to JR (Male) Servo Extension
1 x JST-SH 2Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Croc Clips - Large /w 4mm socket (1pr)
1 x Servo Y-Lead (HD) 300mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 2.5mm
1 x Lead - JST / BEC leads
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 1000mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 4mm
1 x Lead Lock (Transparent - Pk5)
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 120mm
1 x Molex (Male) 1.25 to Female JST-SH 1.0mm - 30mm
1 x AMP style Plug (Female) lead
1 x Croc Clips - Mini (1pr)
1 x Lead - SM 2 Pin Leads
1 x JST-SH 3Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Brushless Motor Extension Lead, 3.5M, 100mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 600mm
1 x Lead - SM 3 Pin Leads
1 x Extension Lead M to M 3cm
1 x Micro Servo Connector Lead (Female Plug)
1 x Hatch Magnets 3 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x JST-SH 4Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 500mm
1 x Brushless Motor Extension Lead, 2M, 100mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 200mm
1 x Hatch Magnets 8 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x Extension Lead M to M 10cm
1 x Glow Clip w/Check Light
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 900mm
1 x Servo Splitter lead : 1F to 5M
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 200mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 3mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 100mm
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