Cypher 3D ARF

Cypher 3D ARF

Overview :

The Cypher 3D is ultra-quick to complete as it comes 95% factory assembled and almost ready to fly. Supplied with a high quality brushless outrunner motor and matching electronic speed controller, it is suitable for 3 cell Li-Po batteries and micro radio. The Cypher gives Stunning 3D Performance! and features advanced 120° CCPM Main Rotor Control System

If you're looking for a high performance 3D helicopter, prepare to be amazed at what this versatile EP helicopter can do!

Features :

  • 120° CCPM main rotor control system
  • Belt-driven tail rotor with Ball Bearing Tensioners
  • Autorotation unit as standard
  • Extensive use of ballraces (20 pieces)
  • 95% Factory-Assembled and Almost Ready to Fly
  • Aluminium Centre Hub with Metal Operating Arms
  • Composite Swash Plate
  • One-Way Main Gear as Standard
  • Photo Illustrated Step-By-Step Instructions

Included :

  • '400 size' Electric Acrobatic Helicopter ARF
  • Powerful 3800Kv Brushless Motor
  • 40A Electronic Speed Controller
  • Main Blades (wood)
  • Full Decal sheet

Required to Operate :

  • 5 Channel Radio set (with 4 Micro Servos and CCPM mixing)
  • Gyro (heading hold recommended)
  • Batteries for Radio and Helicopter (11.1V 2100 to 2500 mAh Li-Po for Heli)
  • Battery Charger

Length 655mm
Rotor Diameter 693mm
Height tbc
Weight 800g


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We Accept
1 x Hatch Magnets 6 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x Molex (Male) 1.25 to Female JR (Female) Servo Extension
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 60mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 300mm
1 x Extension Lead JST-SH1.0 120mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (light) 150mm
1 x Molex (Female) 1.25 to JR (Male) Servo Extension
1 x JST-SH 2Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Croc Clips - Large /w 4mm socket (1pr)
1 x Servo Y-Lead (HD) 300mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 2.5mm
1 x Lead - JST / BEC leads
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 1000mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 4mm
1 x Lead Lock (Transparent - Pk5)
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 120mm
1 x Molex (Male) 1.25 to Female JST-SH 1.0mm - 30mm
1 x AMP style Plug (Female) lead
1 x Croc Clips - Mini (1pr)
1 x Lead - SM 2 Pin Leads
1 x JST-SH 3Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Brushless Motor Extension Lead, 3.5M, 100mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 600mm
1 x Lead - SM 3 Pin Leads
1 x Extension Lead M to M 3cm
1 x Micro Servo Connector Lead (Female Plug)
1 x Hatch Magnets 3 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x JST-SH 4Pin Female Plug with 200mm Wire Pigtail
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 500mm
1 x Brushless Motor Extension Lead, 2M, 100mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (Molex) 200mm
1 x Hatch Magnets 8 x 2mm (Ultra Strong) (Pk2)
1 x Extension Lead M to M 10cm
1 x Glow Clip w/Check Light
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 900mm
1 x Servo Splitter lead : 1F to 5M
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 200mm
1 x Lead Set - Motor / ESC - 3mm
1 x Servo Extension Lead (HD) 100mm
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